How do I get out of my comfort zone?

Have you ever seen that scene in a movie when someone is going crazy and the only way to they can be brought back to reality is with a slap across the face? This is very uncomfortable to say the least but it's the only way to bring someone out of their downward spiral. Sometimes doing something that is outside your comfort zone is what you need to come out of the routine you’re in. If you ride a bike around a dirt track long enough you’ll make a big divot in the track and the only way to get out of it is to make a hard right. When people need a jolt to get out of a rut, they sometimes go to an extreme and jump out of a plane or bungee jump. But you can do other things to get out of your comfort zone that doesn't nullify your life insurance plan.

  1. You could change your appearance. Having a new look can help you make a new persona. Maybe being someone different can help you do things the old you  wouldn’t do. So go out and get a new outfit and change the way you approach things.
  2. You could join a speech club or improv group. This makes you get up in front of a lot of strangers which is a big fear for a lot of people. Facing your fears is one of the most uncomfortable things you could do. And who know, you might even like it.
  3. You could go on an extreme vacation. White water rafting or a guided hike/climb up a big mountain will increase your courage so you can use it for other things in your life. Plus you get some exercise. 

Whatever you choose it has to be something that you wouldn’t normally do. Something that hits you like a slap in the face.