Stay on track with a to-do list.

We all have lots to do. It’s sometimes overwhelming to keep track of all the things we have going on. Work, school, family, there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t have a full plate. How do you keep track of it all? A simple to do list  will keep you on track. What I use is a plain old legal pad. I get up in the morning and write down all the things I have to do that day. I then start picking them off one by one. I try and get as many as I can done before the end of the day. Whatever is left over I then move to the next day. This might seem a bit simple and unorganized, but it keeps me on task. I found a few other methods that I’d like to share.

  1. The 1-3-5 Rule: This strategy gives priority to your to do list. You start out with the 1 most important thing that you want to accomplish of the day. You then move on to the 3 things that “should” get done. And finally, you write down 5 things that “would be nice” to get done. Being able to prioritize your tasks lets you focus on what’s important.

  2. Bullet Journal: this is a notebook that combines a to do list, calendar and journal. This system uses a regular notebook but requires a lot of discipline to keep it going. It takes out the need to carry around a notebook, calendar and post-its. They’re all combined into one.

  3. Todoist: (or other online service/app): If you don’t want to carry around a notebook or paper this is the method for you. You can plan and update form all your devices.

Whatever method you use, you must be be very disciplined at the beginning. You want make whichever method you use a habit. And the only way to do so is to make it a big part of your life. So give one a try and you’ll not only get more stuff done, you’ll also be able to get the right stuff done at the right time.