What a great weekend

This weekend we did lots of family stuff...as usual.

On Saturday took a trip up to Santa Barbara, CA for my grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary. We got to see lot's of relatives that we don't see too often. It took place in the back of restaurant that looked more like a Night's of Columbus than a working restaurant. But once you stepped on the back patio, you could see where they spent all their money. They had bocce ball court that the kids enjoyed (not sure if they followed all the rules) and a large area for hosting our event. 

We tried to go to the Santa Barbara zoo and a local museum that's located down the street from the zoo (on the pier) but road construction and traffic made us change our plans. So we had to settle for ice cream.

On Sunday we did out usual thing. Church and then out to eat. I started helping in the church parking lot a few weeks ago. I mainly work as a crosing guard but this week they put me in a golf cart. The kids got a kick out of getting a ride to the car. 

Afterward we went to a local deli for a late St Patrick's day lunch. Wel, at least that's what I called it. We like The Roxbury Deli because it has everything you would want to eat. Breakfast, deli sandwiches and other usual diner fair. 


Our weekend are usually filled with fun and togetherness. We can't wait to share more of it with all of you.



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