I shaved my beard and my 1 year old didn't recognize me.

This past weekend I posted this on Twitter:


This has happened before with my oldest child but child #3 took longer to come around. Not even the sound of my voice could bring him around. But after a little while of following him around (and scaring him) he finally recognized me. All in all, the concensus was 3-1 against me shaving but the single hold out was Mom so I guess the beard is gone...at least for a while.


On Saturday we got a late start on the day. The kids had to fend for themselves for “breakfast”. I put that in quotes because they have criteria for what they consider a full meal. I guess it’s a good thing that they have good appetites, like dad. It was noon before we made it out the door and they were wondering where we were going for breakfast. I guess the 3 dates (as in dried fruits) they had weren’t enough.


My wife got dressed up so they were in luck. I had to go and show her off somewhere. So off to the mall we went. Our first stop (for breakfast) was a new “mediterranean” restaurant. It was a vanilla version of other restaurants that we’d been to of that type, but it was the best option (I’m kind of on a diet). We hit Ulta (the kid’s favorite store, see this post: XXX) and child #3 ate a lipstick. I guess he didn’t eat enough at lunch. We closed out our visit by going to Target. The kids love going to the toy section and they always seem to walk out with at least a Hot Wheels car. They’re good kids, how can we say no.


Our last stop was Whole Foods. The baby fell asleep so I drew the task of staying in the car while my wife and two oldest went into the store. When we got home, I posted a Facebook Live video. I wanted to show everyone how to brew our coffee using a Chemex. I needed something to drink with my Lenny and Larry’s cookie my wife bought me.


Sunday got started in our usual way, we headed out to church. Well actually, I headed out first. In one of my previous posts I mentioned that I help out in the parking lot at church. So far I’ve almost been ran over 3 times...not bad. After church we headed to another mall (it’s our thing). We had lunch and returned some things.


When we got home, I put together a Lego set that I got while we were on vacation. It went pretty quick, which is a good thing since it was a 12+ set. When that was finished I went outside and did yard work, not my favorite thing to do. My oldest son had fun  collecting snails and had a good time carrying them around.


This really isn't weird since my kids pretty much live outside most of the year. Our backyard is pretty “woodsy” so there are lots of bugs to collect. Their exploring and bug collecting really isn’t a problem, it’s the attacking plants what we have to watch out for (multiple allergic reactions and rashes).


Let us know what’s your favorite thing to do on the weekend. Are you mall people too?



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