Spring Vacation 2017

Hey everyone! For spring break this year we decided to go down to Orange County and visit a few sites. We had lots of fun and the kids totally enjoyed it.

Day one was at the Long Beach Aquarium. We Left the house around 9:30 in the morning and got to Long Beach around lunch time. The first stop was lunch because we didn't want to get on each other's nerves. The boardwalk was packed. It looked like they had done some remodeling since the last time we visited the aquarium. The city had set up the bandstands and barricades for the Long Beach Grand Prix. The kids thought this was cool. 

Turns out that it was kids day...boo. It looked like all the kids knew this and decided to show up. The other times he had gone to the aquarium it was empty. We try to go to these places in a weekday so we don't feel rushed. But the crowds didn't seem to bother the kids. That's all that matters.

The next stop on our trip was at Knott's Berry Farm. We picked a good day to go because the Boysenberry festival was in full swing. We got the tasting card which sent us on a food scavenger hunt all over the park. We got to try boysenberry ravioli, boysenberry pizza and a few other tasty treats. 

We always have a good time at Knott's. It's probably the best deal of all the amusement parks. We usually spend most of out time at Camp Snoopy, but we don't mind.

Our last day was a little sad for everyone. We had such a good time we didn't want to go home. The kids always have a good time in a hotel. Since we were down the street from Disneyland, we decided to go to Downtown Disney. It took a while to get the kids to understand that we weren't going into the park, We had a great time, as usual.

What did you do for Spring Break? We'd love you hear about it. Please leave a comment.


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