Mateo's Birthday Weekend.

Mateo had a great time on his birthday weekend. He turned 5 and reminds us every day the a five year old stomach is bigger than a 4 year old stomach.  We went to the zoo on Saturday. Of course we had to stop by our favorite taco shop before hand. The kids had fun (as they always do) and our litttlest one almost had a run in with a bird. Din Tai Fung dumpling house on Sunday was delicious. Mateo chose it because it had been a log time since we visited last. We walked around the Glendale Geleria and The Brand. The rain didn't stop us from having fun. Nor did it stop me from getting a Shake Shack hamburger. Mom made him a birthday breakfast on Monday. For once, he was the last person to wake up. It took him a while to come to and enjoy all the decorations.