How do I get out of my comfort zone?

Have you ever seen that scene in a movie when someone is going crazy and the only way to they can be brought back to reality is with a slap across the face? This is very uncomfortable to say the least but it's the only way to bring someone out of their downward spiral.

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Identify your blind spots.

The staff of a restaurant operate in what looks like organized chaos. Everybody runs around the place like they’re going to run into one another at any time. Hostess, manager, bartender, they all have their job. If you went to a restaurant with a bar but no bartender, you’d die of dehydration before you get your Bloody Mary. That’s because the bartender has a set of skills that fills a role. Non any employee can fill that role. Even if one of them went to school, they might not have the temperament to be a bartender. Having a full bar requires a bartender that is good at his/her job.

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Set Yourself Up For Success.

If you're like me, you're a jack of all trades but a master of none. Most of us a dabblers. We like to try a lot of different things until we find out that we don't like them as much as we thought or get bored. How much time have we wasted during that time? How much money have we wasted on things we don't like. What kind of person could we have been if we would have stuck to one of these things a little longer?

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Podcast Episode 013- Sometimes not doing it is the best option.

Sometimes you just can't do it all. And sometimes leaving something for another day is the best decision. You can't add pieces to your puzzle if they don't fit or if they mess up the rest of the pieces. Sometimes quitting is ok.

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Podcast Episode 010- Clean out that old room!!

Have you ever gone on vacation and had the best wine or had the best glass of wine? And then when you come back home you cook the same meal or find the same bottle of wine and your're disappointed because it doesn't taste the same? Why?

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Podcast Episode 006- Don't let anxiety control your life.

This question came in via Facebook. Silvia asked for tips for coping with anxiety

She commented on a Facebook post where I asked: "If you could go all in and change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

You can submit your questions on Facebook to @thectepodcast if you want them answered.

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Podcast Episode 005- Stop Overthinking Everything

This is something that hampers a lot of people's progress towards their goals. They play out a scenario to infinitude and usually with all the bad outcomes. Most of the time they feel that the outcome will be so bad that they won't be able to recover from it. What's worse, they give the same scrutiny to even the smallest decision.

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Podcast Episode 002- Reading Everyday Can Make Big Improvements

Ep002- Read something to improve your life: In this episode I give you 6 reasons why you should read. This has helped me not only learn new skills but also discover new passions that I didn't know I had.

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Do Turnips Bleed?

This morning I was running on fumes. My gas tank was empty too. I get up pretty early to go to the gym and my morning schedule is pretty tight (insert “world’s smallest violin” remark). I decided to take my chances and drive to the gym at 5am and get gas on my way to work. Once I got to the gas station, I couldn’t find my wallet. I looked all over my car, my gym bag and my lunch bag. I recently started carrying another bag that has my business notebook, tablet and other things that I use to blog and podcast on the road….it wasn’t there either. I must have gone through my car and bags 3 or 4 times.

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Discipline with creativity

A lot of people think that being creative is like white water rafting. It's more like maneuvering a tanker through the Panama Canal. It takes a lot of discipline to harness your creativity into something productive. It seems counter intuitive to most but to use your creativity as a business requires routine and planning. So be creative and love what you do but make sure you keep your ship on course.


Cafe` Tres Estrellas

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Are you an entrepreneur?

I'm sitting at the local high school pool waiting for my daughter to finish swim practice.  This time alone gives me time to think about what I want to do with our coffee business. I want to give my kids the inspiration to know that they can be anything they want to be and that it's never too late to choose a path for success.

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Sitting in a Coffee House

I’m sitting in a large chain coffee house and I’m not liking my coffee. It is all they do but it doesn’t taste like it. It tastes like they are just completing a task and not like a passion. I understand that the college girl behind the counter probably isn’t passionate about coffee but the company should be passionate about their ingredients. They should put more thought into what they serve instead of how they serve it

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Why buy small batch roasted coffee

Have you ever gone to the grocery store and said “give me your best 3 week old bread!!”? Have you ever said “I want a pre-packaged, stale chocolate chip cookie”? If you answered “no” to these questions, why would you buy old, stale coffee? The fact is, coffee starts to go stale once it's removed from the roaster. The longer it sits in a bag, the more it loses its unique character.

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